Customized Hosted VoIP Solutions – Low Cost Carriers


In larger corporations, a PBX (private branch exchange) system is used to deal with thousands of incoming and internal calls per day. Yet traditional PBX systems can present some hindrances, mainly relating to costs.

Traditional PBX problems
Traditional PBX systems rely on fixed line operations. Each phone in an office requires a telephone line to connect it to the system, requiring servicing and a technician to add and subtract lines on a regular basis. Regular POTS lines require a lot of expensive maintenance and whilst a PBX system does allow companies control over their communication systems, changes to the system are difficult to manage. Call costs and line rentals are also not cheap, these costs can be high for smaller companies, and are magnified even more in larger corporations where literally hundreds of calls can be made daily.

Customized hosted VoIP solutions have become a blessing for many businesses. Tailor-made and customized packages to suit every business’ needs have become readily available to replace PBX systems and bring many features and benefits with their services.

Tailor-made and customized hosted VoIP benefits 
The telecoms services available from a hosted VoIP service provider are reliable and low cost, even more so when the services are customized to a particular business’ needs.

Through customized VoIP solutions, cheap IP carriers do not require line rental or maintenance costs. Call costs are significantly reduced through the use of a broadband connection to send all calls and data, making hosted VoIP telephony cheap and extremely reliable. Through voice compression, sound quality is as good as traditional fixed line calling, and just as fast. Because systems are run off a centralized system, calls between branches of a system are free. This means that businesses who subscribe to a centralized VoIP system instead of a traditional PBX phone will be able to make free calls between all lines on site.

VoIP is run over a broadband connection and uses satellite communication technology; users can make free calls, even when away from the centralized location. Other calls and line rentals are extremely minimal in price.

Employees are able to work from the office, from home or while travelling, as the fast broadband connection allows the phone and VoIP features to follow the user, making VoIP a necessity for companies needing to keep in touch with employees at all times. The flexibility of hosted VoIP allows business to function to its optimum capability, maintaining the high level of quality needed to keep a corporate enterprise thriving.


Hosted VoIP systems are fully scalable, allowing lines to be added and subtracted as needed and due to the user-friendly interface and functions, adding and subtracting lines is easy. Maintenance and support charges are generally minimal or nothing and detailed online billing is available to subscribers. Most service providers also offer a free 24-hour help line for any problems subscribers experience with their VoIP systems.

SIP Trunking solutions and PBX functionality
Many companies worry that switching from a regular PBX system to a hosted VoIP system will mean that because of increased functionality, they will lose the control over their personal PBX system.